Sunday, November 29, 2009

QWEST - Another great diving & sailing yacht charter

Thanks to Kim & Rich for another wonderful yacht charter!

Here are comments from our most recent clients aboard the s/v QWEST. Qwest is a 49-foot sloop which specializes in 2-person sailing vacations. Both Kim and Rich are dive instructors and diving is included in their rates.  As an added bonus, there is Jasmine, their feline cruise director :)

Sheri & Robert were celebrating their 20th anniversary...

Qwest yacht charter - November 2009

How did you enjoy your charter?
The entire experience was fantastic!  Could not have been better.

Did you find your crew to be helpful, accommodating and friendly?
All of the above. Kim and Rich are fantastic people.  We really enjoyed their company and their musical talent.

Was the yacht comfortable, clean and well maintained?
Great ship...very comfortable

How would you describe the quality and presentation of the meals served on board?
Exceptionally good. Kim was very creative in the galley and Rich was a master griller.  We enjoyed Kim's presentation of each meal and looked forward to every meal, even the beach picnic. 

How did you find the services offered by Paradise Connections?
Very informative, responsive and helpful.  Everything was perfect.

Would you be interested in taking another yacht vacation in the future?

If so, would you like to charter the same yacht and crew?

Did you stay in a hotel before or after your charter?

If so, which one and what are your comments?
At Home In The Tropics.  Fantastic!  The Inn is perfect.  It was a short, tho stair intensive walk to town which we grew accustomed to the first day.  The owners are very helpful and terrific people. The amenities were great.  Rooms and food excellent.

Are there any further comments or suggestions you would like to make to enable Paradise Connections, the yacht, or crew to better serve you and other clients in the future?
None that we can think of

May we use you as a reference?
Of Course

Thank you all for making our 20th Anniversary Vacation a fantastic and memorable one!
- Sheri & Robert, November 2009

By the way... QWEST is available for CHRISTMAS and NEW YEARS!

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