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Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

A bit of a twist to your typical Virgin Islands yacht charter.
Explore St Croix, Cuelbra, & Puerto Rico

Captain Justin Smith from the charter yacht KAI, a 70-foot Wellington sloop that accommodates up to 6 guests in 3 cabins, wrote to us this morning about chartering a different area in the Virgin Islands.

For the last few years, 2017 to current, I have been exploring the Spanish Virgin Islands, St Croix and Puerto Rico. I have enjoyed its less travel waters, secluded anchorages, gorgeous white sandy beaches with no foot prints, and awesome culture.

I have spent some time in Culebra. I have had the chance to meet with the dive groups, and spent time diving, and exploring the rarely travelled reefs full of life and color. Culebra, has one of the world's top ten beaches. Flamenco Beach is a long white sandy beach lined with palm trees and old military relics. The town is a little Spanish setting full of color and very lush. There is a small canal traveling from one side of the island to the other.  The canal is lined with fishing shacks, an old lifting bridge, and cute little bars tucked off in a lush mix of palm trees and mangroves. There are great hikes, and sights all over the island.

Culebrita is an amazing little island just next to Culebra. With yet again more five-star beaches, bubbly pools, and a nice hike up to a old brick lighthouse. The hike isn't very hard, and takes about 30 minutes. The view from the top is breathtaking.

St. Croix, is one of my all time favorite spots. Of the four years sailing the Caribbean, I think St Croix is my favorite island and anchorage in this region. When you come into St Croix you sail from 16,000 feet of water directly into 20 feet of water, and quickly turn behind a reef. The anchorage is normally crystal clear, with a sandy bottom. You can hear the surf breaking while laying in your bunk just a few hundred feet in front of the boat. It's usually very calm behind the reef. The town is sleepy, full of great restaurants, bars, and gift shops. A day can easily been spent touring the fort, visiting beer-drinking pigs, snorkeling the reef, getting lost in the rain forest, or driving around checking out the views. Some attractions are, the most eastern point of the USA territory monument, a huge satellite that listens to space, beaches, and more.

St Croix main harbor looking off the stern of Kai. This is amazing swimming and snorkeling.

Puerto Rico has endless adventures. I spent a month sailing the west, south, and east coasts of Puerto Rico 20 miles at a time. I am open to charters on the west, and south side of Puerto Rico, but I want to focus right now on the east coast.

I find Fajardo a unique, and sweet little spot. Marina Puerto Del Ray is comparable to Yacht Haven Grande in St Thomas. It’s one of the largest marinas in the Caribbean. There are rental cars right on property. It’s a 30-minute drive to San Juan airport, which for guests is an extremely cheap exit to a main hub. There's easy provisions for the yachts, and marine stores. 15 minutes down the road is El Hippy, a local waterfall with rocks toppled all over like the baths in Virgin Gorda, a swimming hole and trails. Rock climbing, sky diving, amazing beaches, and just about anything you can think of doing is close by.

This is a trip that requires an adventurous group. Groups that like to enjoy peace and quiet, more than four hours of sailing, and want to be active. The trips between the islands are longer than St Thomas,  to Anegada, or North Sound. It’s also exposed waters... “Real Sailing”. Kai is a large vessel of 70’ and a very able yacht for all the conditions. Guests must want sailing to be part of the experience.

Itinerary . . .

I believe for the best experience and the most dependable trip, would be to do this.

Day 1
Fly into St Thomas. Yacht Haven Grande marina to Water Island, Honeymoon Beach.

Day 2
Water Island, to Christiansted St Croix. This can be four hours or more of sailing, and fishing. Anchor off town in St Croix for the evening.

Day 3
St. Croix, exploring all day.

Day 4
St. Croix to Culebra. This is more then four hours of sailing, and fishing. Arriving late afternoon. Anchoring behind a beautiful reef just inside the bay.

Day 5
Culebra exploring.

Day 6
Culebrita exploring.

Day 7
Sailing to Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Day 8
Fajardo, this day you would wake up in the marina with a pre-arranged car. I suggest a late flight, or maybe a local Airbnb. Many explorations in the area.

Thanks, Justin!

Charter Yacht Kai sails in the Virgin Islands during the winter and in the summer she heads north to charter in New England.

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Website update: New format for special offers

Over the past year we have been modifying our web site to make it "responsive", which means it is now optimized for displays on mobile devices as well as laptops. We have a couple of new pages on our website for announcing special offers. You can find links to these pages in the site's top menu "Specials".

View special offers by month: This is very handy if you know what month or date range you wish to charter.

View special offers by yacht: This is sorted by how many guests the boat can accommodate, in alphabetical order. It also lists kid discounts, sleep aboards, etc.

The monthly special offers are up to date (we check for new specials daily). The specials by yacht is still a work in progress so please bear with us as we go through and update our list while we transition between the special offers posted on Blogger and our new web pages.

Feel free to email us an inquiry. We are glad to help.

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The Bahamas Beckons

The Bahamas Beckons
Experience Fantastic Snorkeling in Exumas, Bahamas

Everything that makes the Bahamas such a popular yacht charter destination is still there; sea, sand, sun and fun. Of 700-some islands and islets, only the northern islands of the Abacos and Grand Bahama were devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Tourist and marine industry representatives believe that ongoing recovery efforts in the Abacos are moving swiftly. Although, it will take months to restore infrastructure and facilities to a level welcoming to most tourists. The other islands escaped relatively unscathed.

The Exuma islands are unlike any place else on earth. They are low lying, pristine, white sand, often uninhabited gems, surfacing in waters of astonishing hues.

Most experienced yachtsmen agree that for an out-island getaway, the Exumas, Bahamas is unmatched. Even repeat visitors discover amazing new reefs and are surprised by a tiny cove with a beach they have never explored.

Usually, Exumas itineraries do not omit marvels like the swimming pigs on Big Major Cay, or sundowners and live music at Staniel Cay. But for die hard snorkelers, the only thing that matters is the reefs. Here's an itinerary for just such a group.

See a selection of Bahamas charter yachts below itinerary.

Day 1 - Fowl Cay

Step aboard your private yacht in George Town, set sail and prepare to be amazed. From there it’s just a short sail east toward Stocking Island. Anchor off Fowl Cay, south of Stocking Island, and snorkel off the yacht at a spot that turtles frequent, along with a great amount of colorful fish. This is the healthiest reef around Great Exuma, with beautiful marine plant and animal life. The water here is almost always clear due to the proximity of the open ocean.

Day 2 - Glass Cay

Sail north to Glass Cay. Dinghy over to two blue holes. Here you'll often see nurse sharks sleeping near the cave entrance where very cool water exits. Different types of corals are seen here due to the water temperature. Colorful sea fans surround the entrance as well. If the weather is calm enough you can head out into slightly deeper water to see larger fish such as barracuda, tasty grouper, lobster, snapper, and many more.

Day 3 - Rat Cay, Children's Bay Cay

Sail north to Lees Stocking Island stopping along the way at Rat Cay. Drift snorkel through the large cut between Rat Cay and Children's Bay Cay. The current can approach speeds of up to 3 knots here. We use an incoming tide to gently carry us over shallow water. Elk horn coral formations are home to colorful fish of all species. Guests almost always request drifting this spot multiple times after experiencing it once. The current does all the work!

Day 4 - Rudder Cut Cay

Sail north to Rudder Cut Cay. At this location you can enjoy three separate snorkeling adventures. Float along on another drift dive. Then visit a cave for excellent shallow, calm water snorkeling, and check out the underwater art sculpture!

At a third location, one that is always super popular with guests, you’ll find lots of hard corals, colorful sea fans, and plenty of parti-colored fish.

Day 5 - Lees Stocking Island

Sail south to Lees Stocking and anchor off the former location of the Perry Institute for Marine Science. Here scientists used to visit annually to inspect the health of the reef on both the northeast and north sides of the island. It is one of the best spots on a snorkeler's list. Sharks are often spotted, lobster are plentiful, as well as multitudes of fish species, large and small. The marine life is super diverse since the drop-off to deeper water offshore is very near.

Day 6 - Georgetown

Sail south to George Town, stopping at Square Rock Cay where one giant lobster always hangs out, along with barracuda, stingrays, etc. There is a sunken sailboat here, which has created a very fascinating habitat.

Sail back between Stocking Island and George Town and spend the afternoon snorkeling the blue hole. With a falling tide the blue hole is easily seen from the surface due to the clear, cool water flowing out. Believe it or not, the barracuda that hang out are friendly and curious about snorkelers. People enjoy feeding the fish, so they have become very tame. Take some bread for them and they'll go crazy, swarming around you. With a falling tide, the blue hole is easily seen from the surface due to the clear, cool water flowing out. On the way back to the yacht, we stop at a special spot to hand feed and pet friendly sting rays.

Time permitting, there is one other blue hole and another great snorkeling spot in the harbor. There are also extensive reefs offshore that you could take a couple of days to visit. If there isn’t time enough before your departure, it’s a great reason to come back again. Although, once you’ve experienced snorkeling here, you’ll find plenty of reasons to return.

Charter Yachts in the Bahamas

Guinevere - Up to 6 guests - View Brochure

Rubicon - Up to 4 guests - View Brochure

Delphine - Up to  6 guests - View Brochure

Destiny III - Up to 6 guests - View Brochure

Southern Passage - Up to 6 guests - View Brochure

Viramar - Up to 8 guests - View Brochure

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Last Minute Christmas Deals for 2019

Who wants a last-minute deal on a Christmas yacht charter?

Here are a few special offers for Christmas 2019. Perfect for those who are looking for a quick getaway. Scroll down...

57-foot Lagoon Catamaran - Up to 8 Guests

Vision is a 57-foot Lagoon catamaran with an owner-operator crew of two. Charly and Carolina are fun couple that enjoys families and kids. Their young sun, Valentin, will also be crewing during the holidays. Vision is fully air conditioned and accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 cabins, each with ensuite electric head and shower. Vision has 2 Queens aft, a Double starboard forward, and the port middle cabin with upper/lower Single berths (bunks).
  • Special offer: No holiday surcharge. Any number of guests up to 6 in 3 Queen cabins. Any number of days ranging between December 18-25, 2019, pro-rated if less than 7 nights.
  • 2 guests: $14,790 for 7 nights / $7395 for 3 nights!
  • 4 guests: $16,590 for 7 nights / $8295 for 3 nights!
  • 6 guests: $17,990 for 7 nights / $8995 for 3 nights!

47-foot Lagoon Catamaran - Up to 6-7 Guests

Dreamcatcher is a 47-foot Lagoon catamaran with a crew of two. Dreamcatcher has two wonderful canine mates, Daisy and Roscoe. Guests love to have these playful companions aboard. Dreamcatcher is fully air conditioned and accommodates up to seven guests (six adults & one child) in 3 Queen cabins and 1 Single berth.
  • Special offer: December 22-26, 2019 (4 nights/5 days) $9,999 all inclusive for up to 7 guests.

    62-foot Lagoon Catamaran - Up to 8 Guests

    Moose of Poole is a 62-foot Lagoon catamaran with a crew of two. Moose of Poole is fully air conditioned and accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 Queen cabins.
    • Special offer: December 19-26, 2019. No holiday surcharge and 10% discount. Based in St. Martin.

      51-foot Neel Trimaran - Up to 8 Guests

      Trilogy is a high-performance, 51-foot Neel trimaran with a crew of two. Trilogy is fully air conditioned and accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 Queen cabins.
      • Special offer: December 19-26, 2019. No holiday surcharge and 10% discount. Based in St. Martin.

        50-foot Leopard catamaran - Up to 6 Guests

        Moon Blossom is a 2019, 50-foot Leopard catamaran with a crew of 2. This cat accommodates up to 6 guests in 3 King cabins,.

        • Special offer: 25% OFF any 7-night Christmas 2019 Charter. Must end by December 26, 2019 at latest.
          • 25% off 7 nights: $18,000 for up to 6 guests
          • 20% off 6 nights: $16,457 for up to 6 guests
          • 20% off 5 nights: $16,000 for up to 6 guests
          • 15% off 4 nights: $13,600 for up to 6 guests
          • 10% off 3 nights: $10,800 for up to 6 guests

        59-foot Fountain-Pajot catamaran - Up to 8 Guests

        Slivochka ia a 59-foot Fontaine-Pajot catamaran that accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 Queen cabins each with private, ensuite head.

        • Special offer: $26,500/wk for up to 8 guests for an all-inclusive charter in the Virgin Islands. That's a savings of $6500.

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        Friday, December 06, 2019

        CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Catamaran Moon Blossom

        Catamaran Moon Blossom

        Charter Catamaran Moon Blossom - Virgin Islands Sailing Vacations

        25% OFF any 7-night Christmas 2019 Charter. Must end by December 26, 2019 at latest.
        • 25% off 7 nights: $18,000 for up to 6 guests
        • 20% off 6 nights: $16,457 for up to 6 guests
        • 20% off 5 nights: $16,000 for up to 6 guests
        • 15% off 4 nights: $13,600 for up to 6 guests
        • 10% off 3 nights: $10,800 for up to 6 guests

        Moon Blossom is a 2019 50-foot Leopard catamaran with a crew of 2. This cat accommodates up to 6 guests in 3 King cabins, each with ensuite private heads (stall shower & electric-flush toilet). She offers four lounge areas: top flybridge, front cockpit, aft cockpit and main salon.

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        Monday, December 02, 2019

        Meet Catamaran Mahasattva

        Meet Catamaran Mahasattva

        Charter Catamaran Mahasattva
        Sailing Vacations in the Virgin Islands

        Catamaran Mahasattva is 2019, 62-foot Lagoon catamaran with a crew of 3. Mahasattva is fully air conditioned and accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 queen cabins each with individual air conditioning controls, private en-suite head with electric toilets, bidet, vanity and dry shower stall. The main salon is very spacious. The aft deck is available for alfresco dining, lounging and access to water and water toys and she has a large top fly-bridge with a 360-degree view, bar and ice maker.

        You may be wondering: what is the meaning of mahasattva? Mahāsattva, literally means "great being". It is a great bodhisattva who has practiced Buddhism for a long time and reached a very high level on the path to awakening (bodhi). Generally refers to bodhisattvas who have reached at least the seventh of the ten bhumis.

        Mahasattva's Crew

        First Mate Ian Quigley, Chef Blair Barbour, Captain Ian Whitney

        We would like to share the email we just received from the crew of Mahasattva:

        We aim to give your clients the best personalized experience possible. In this email are just a few reminders of all the great experiences our yacht and crew have to offer. We are looking forward to working with you this season. Thank you for everything you do.

        Multiple Itineraries

        Ask us about our multiple itineraries! We can give your clients a different experience each time they come stay with us. Our Captain has over 10 years' experience exploring the Caribbean.

        Craft Cocktails

        Ian Quigley is an award-winning craft cocktail mixologist. He is our entertainer on board creating cocktails for the guests or fancy mocktails for the children. And we are a cigar-friendly boat, only on the flybridge, where guests can enjoy a cigar with their sipping rum. We even stock a humidor on board for our guests.

        Fine Dining

        Blair is an award-winning Chef who began her career in French cuisine. She was trained at the Ashburton Yacht Chef Academy in England and was a Sous-Chef in the Philadelphia Pyramid room, catering private events for politicians. Growing up in Philadelphia and Virginia she learned the authentic southern home cooked meal with the flair of fine dining. Blair can also accommodate guests looking for a fun theme night. You will never go hungry on Mahasattva.


        We pride in making sure our guests are never bored. For water activities we have water skis, a knee board, a wake board, a sub wing, tubes, a floating island, 2 kayaks, 2 standup paddleboards (SUPs), a variety of fun floats, snorkel gear, and we can't forget the mermaid tails! Also, the children aboard always seem to find treasure on the sandy bottoms when they go snorkeling with the Captain!

        Night Snorkels

        Not only do we provide guided snorkels during the day but we offer guided snorkels at night, too! This allows guests to see the beautiful sea life that comes out when the sun goes down, like octopus, lobster, and the bioluminescence from the ocean water when we all turn our flashlights off... exhilarating!


        Our roomy exterior and lounging areas create a feeling of private serenity. Blair is also a certified yoga instructor and is happy to guide the guests in yoga flow on the beach or a relaxing evening meditation on the trampolines. Our memory foam matresses make our guests feel like they are sleeping on a cloud while listening to ocean waves. We are happy to arrange spa visits and find quiet coves for our guests looking to disconnect.

        Thanks Ian, Ian, and Blair. We hope to send several charters your way this season.

        Catamaran Mahasattva is booked for the holidays this season but it is not too early to reserve your spot for 2020/21.

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        Thursday, November 28, 2019

        $1000 Discount on Select Catamarans

        $1000 Discount
        On Select Catamarans

        The holiday season is upon us. This is the time when friends and family get together and discuss many things, including their vacation plans.

        Here's a topic for discussion...

        $1000 discount

        Charter must take place and be completed by February 29, 2020 and be confirmed by December 20, 2019. Cannot be combined with any other specials

         Deep Blue - up to 6 guests. View brochure 

        Elixir - up to 6 guests. View brochure

        Euphoria - up to 6 guests. View brochure

        Felicia - up to 8 guests. View brochure 

         Genesis II - up to 8 guests. View brochure 

        Good Vibrations - up to 8 guests. View brochure

        Neverland - up to 8 guests - View brochure

        Rapscallion - up to 6 guests - View brochure

        Rumba - up to 10 guests. View brochure

        Sea Esta - up to 10 guests. View brochure 

        Ventana - up to 10 guests. View brochure

          We have many fine yachts in a variety of types, sizes, prices, and locations. Don't hesitate to ask questions. We are here to assist with your sailing vacation.

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