Thursday, September 18, 2008

MAROLANGA - Additional charter comments

We posted comments from the Wilcox family charter a few days ago (see the post a bit down the page) but then we asked Steve for comments about Sasha the cat, and also about his kids...
"I meant to mention Sasha in the other message. He was remarkably well behaved and a delight to have as a member of the crew! The boys were never bored and were worn out by bedtime! Sleeping on the trampolines under the stars was the best! Attached are a few pics!
- Steve"

Sasha is a super ship's cat!

Marcella & Gus with the Wilcox kids

Marcella & Gus with the parents.

Thanks again Gus & Marcella for another happy charter. We know we can always depend on you!

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