Saturday, October 27, 2007

TACHYON, Summer Vacation 2007

We sent an email to some of our favorite charter boats to ask what they did on THEIR summer vacation...

Here's what Eric & Jacque of the charter yacht TACHYON, a 47-foot catamaran, had to say:

Hey Sheila and Bob!

We just got back from our first charter of the season, and now have a few moments to get to our email!

We had a great summer in the mountains of Colorado where we spent 2 months in Grand Lake Colorado sailing (Eric was racing E-scows on Grand Lake, competing for the Lipton Cup -- he crewed on a boat that got second place!), water skiing, hiking and camping, doing a bit of horseback riding, and generally resting up and hanging out with our friends.

We had a wonderful time and are now gearing up for a very busy season!

Unfortunately, I'm using Eric's computer as mine has suddenly refused to recharge itself -- all our pictures are on my computer so I can't send one...sorry!

That's OK, Jacques. We'll get some photos when we see you in a couple of weeks when we sail over to the Virgin Islands for the charter yacht shows.

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