Thursday, October 04, 2007

BLU MOON, Summer 2007 Vacation

We sent an email to some of our favorite charter boats to ask what they did on THEIR summer vacation.

Here's what we learned about Chris & Julie, owner-operators of the 50-foot Beneteau, BLU MOON.

Chris & Julie, on sailing vessel Blu Moon, have spent the summer working on their 200+ year old farmhouse in southwest France, which is renowned for producing sunflowers, red wine, chèvre goat cheese, and foie gras. They purchased the “fixer-upper” in 2004, and have just finished their 3rd summer working on the outside of the house, building a lower terrace and stone barbeque, and coordinating an addition that is being built by a French stone mason and artisan. In June, their roof will be redone in the traditional French style, and next summer they plan on gutting the interior of the house.

The supervisors of their house renovation are their two 10-year old Australian Shepherds, Hannah and Mick, who live with a foster family during the chartering season.

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