Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Charter PROMENADE for 2007/8 with new special rates

Kerry of the 65-foot Promenade, wants to fill in her remaining weeks for the 2007-8 season so she is offering special rates for new bookings, including discounts for kids!


Good news is that they are STILL AVAILABLE for THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS!!!

I can't believe that Promenade is still open for Christmas, but that is to OUR benefit :)

RATES: Promenade has LOWERED their rates and now has a special rate of $500 each for kids 15-years old or younger.
  • $14,900/wk for 6 adults, plus up to 6 kids 15 years or younger at $500 each
  • $15,900/wk for 8 adults, plus up to 4 kids 15 years or younger at $500 each
  • $17,900/wk for 10 adults, plus up to 2 kids 15 years or younger at $500 each
  • $18,900/wk for 12 guests (family only / prior approval)
  • Inquire for intermediate rates (7, 9, 11 guests)
Let's try to clarify what that means by using a couple of examples... Promenade will take up to 10 guests or up to 11 & 12 if it is a family group (or inquire). OK... Here we go!
  • 2 couples with 6 kids (18, 16, 14, 13, 10, 8): The 4 adults and 2 kids of 16 & 18 are $14,900 then the other 4 kids under 16 are $500 each which totals $16,900 for this group of 10 (previously $19,900/wk for 10 guests).
  • 3 couples with 6 kids (15, 15, 13, 12, 10, 9): The six adults are $14,900 and the six kids under the age of 16 are $500 each, which totals $17,900 for this group of 12 (previously $21,900/wk for 12 guests).
Here's some more pricing info:
  • Minimum 6-person rate, regardless of children's ages. Kid discount kicks in after the initial 6-person minimum.
  • Charter of 5 nights or less, subject to the 10% industry-standard surcharge
  • Christmas week at NEW standard rate... NO holiday premium! What a nice Christmas present... Thanks, Kerry!
  • Prices include all gourmet meals, ships bar, and water sports.
  • Not included: taxi transfers, standard crew gratuity of 15-20%

Meet new friends!

SCUBA DIVING: Promenade is an excellent dive boat. Crew members are Diving Instructors and they enjoy diving.
  • Certified divers: $125/wk per diver and $125/wk gear rental per diver (BC & Reg), or bring your own!
  • Resort divers: $75/dive per diver up to a maximum fee of $400, includes gear.
  • Open Water Referral Course: $225/diver, gear not included. This fee includes all of your additional diving for the week

: Promenade is one of the few commercially endorsed fishing boats in the BVI. This means that you do not need a separate fishing license to fish off Promenade! In fact, they are allowed to catch 30 lbs of fish a day under the license!

Lots of lounging space on the foredeck!

Lots of lounging space in the water!

CALENDAR (as of Oct. 3, 2007)
  • Open through December 28, 2007 (Thanksgiving & Christmas, too!)
  • Open March 3-29, 2008
  • Open March 30 - April 5, 2008: Special 6-night Cabin Cruise. $3900/cabin (not each person). Two cabins booked, but three still available Great opportunity for a couple or individual who would love to charter such a large boat at an affordable rate.
  • Open April 13 - May 3, 2008
  • Open May 11 - June 11, 2008
  • Open June 28th onwards...

Lisa & Rich

CREW: Promenade's professional crew of three or four can do it all! They are an excellent choice whether for families, hard-core divers, group of friends, party-hardies, corporate incentives, etc!

COMMENTS: Here are some guest comments that we'd like to share:
Personally, we wouldn't charter with anyone else BUT Baz & Kerry... Kerry and Baz are the BEST. They're personable and full of information, they'll answer any and all of your questions and best of all, we consider them our friends who live in and on the waters of the BVI. Bob and Laurie
The trip was absolutely fantastic! I can't stop thinking about how wonderful you all were. The food was incredible and the entire crew was so attentive . The trip home was long and uneventful. It is hard being back at work Thanks again for everything. I would love to join you again. D.Evans
  • How did you enjoy your charter? Very much!! So relaxing, yet invigorating.
  • Did you find your crew to be helpful, accommodating and friendly? Yes...although we were surprised to have 4 people as crew. Kerry & Bazza were helpful and Lisa & Richard were marvelous!! Richard especially helpful with the kids & fishing. Loved Lisa's cooking!!
  • Was the yacht comfortable, clean and well maintained? Very clean...very well maintained. Hopefully we didn't trash it! Nice towels...cabins cleaned daily.
  • How would you describe the quality and presentation of the meals served on board ? Very good, plentiful, good variety... Plenty of salads as we were promised. Even my diabetic family did fine with the menu... except for the desserts!! Too sinful!!
  • How did you find the services offered by Paradise Connections ? Excellent. You made the whole process painless.
  • Would you be interested in taking another yacht vacation in the future? Absolutely! We're looking at our calendar already. Will never do a BIG cruise again.
  • If so, would you like to charter the same yacht and crew? ABSOUTELY!! There are still many places to see and sail to!! H.Chanatry
View PROMENADE's online brochure: CLICK HERE


Promenade's motto says it all:
"We have more fun!"