Monday, January 01, 2018


Welcome 2018... Let's Go Sailing!
Best wishes for a happy new year

An all-inclusive, crewed yacht charter is an excellent way to visit the islands this season. While many hotels and resorts are currently closed to visitors either due to reconstruction or because they are housing off-island recovery contractors, we have many yachts willing and able to provide quality sailing vacations.

Your yacht is a self-contained entity, they generate their own electricity and most make their own water. Thus air conditioning, ice, refrigeration, etc. are not a problem as might not be the case for a land-based vacation.

The VIs still have fun beach bars, excellent snorkeling, and great sailing. Being "all-inclusive" means that all meals and drinks are provided. What's not to like ?

Let's Go Sailing !

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It's not how far nor how fast, it's the pleasure of the journey that keeps people coming back for more.