Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thanks to Charter Yacht Trimaran PROMENADE

I would like to thank the charter yacht Promenade, a 65-foot Nigel Irens trimaran, for putting me up (and putting up with me) for the two Virgin Islands charter yacht shows last month (Nov. 2013) in St Thomas and Tortola. It was very much appreciated.

Trimaran Promenade Yacht Charters - Sail/Dive the BVIs - Crewed Caribbean Charter Yacht
Virgin Islands Sailing Vacations

It was great to spend time aboard Promenade (one of our favorite charter yachts). After spending five nights aboard, I had a good feel for the boat and a better knowledge of the crew than just a 10-20 minute visit at the annual boat show.

Captain Chad, First Mate Felix and General Dogsbody Chris are excellent. Friendly and attentive but not pushy. The food was good, too! Very accommodating folks.

Chris, Chad, & Felix dressed up for their Canada-night party

One of the events at the Tortola show was a country-themed night where brokers would walk the docks and participate in parties on various yachts. Promenade's country was, of course, Canada. Wow, was their homemade maple ice cream excellent! 

Felix, from Dominica not Canada, dances a jig to Great Big Sea

Promenade has 5 guest cabins and accommodates up to 10 (and possibly 12) guests. They offer all-inclusive charters. Chad is a dive instructor so diving is available for certified and non-certified divers. Promenade has lots of water toys, beach games, power lounger, exercise equipment such as weights and yoga stuff, fishing gear, dancing... etc!

We have a recent post with comments from a family we had aboard this summer and it also has lots of information about Promenade, read this post.

Promenade has very reasonable rates for a boat of this size and the included amenities:

RATES 2014: 7-night all inclusive charter, BVI taxes included:
  • $14,900/wk for up to 6 guests
  • $16,900/wk for 8 guests
  • $18,900/wk for 10 guests
  • $20,400/wk for 11 guests
  • $22,300/wk for 12 guests
Oh yes... Promenade is currently available for this Christmas.

Special Rates for CHRISTMAS week: Only $12,000 for up to 6 guests, add $750 for each additional guest (8 guests=$13,500, 10 guests=$15,000). December 21-28 or December 22-29

They also have a CABIN CRUISE week beginning February 16, 2014. There are currently 3 cabins available. This is a wonderful opportunity for joining a group and charter only one of the five cabins. Great prices, too.  7 nights = $4000/cabin (price for 2 guests, not each person) or 10 nights for $5000/cabinSee more HERE.

Here's a link to Promenade's online brochure.

Promenade is an excellent choice for families, friends, and corporate charters. Excellent for active groups, party-hearty sorts, those who want a relaxing vacation, or a combination.  Lots of space as it is a 65-foot long and 35-foot wide trimaran.

Thanks again, guys!

Promenade is still available for CHRISTMAS 2013

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View Promenade's online brochure
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