Friday, December 06, 2013

Charter Yacht BEL AMI

Today we have a guest post from Captain David Goodman, M.D., owner of the charter yacht BEL AMI, a 53-foot Amel Supermaramu.

Charter Yacht BEL AMI - Crewed Caribbean Yacht Charters - Virgin Islands Sailing Vacations

It's a year ago, summer time in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and I'm working a doctor gig in Wisconsin during hurricane season.  I'm staying with friends who live in the boonies just north of Green Bay, out for my morning run.  Running shoes, short shorts, and little else on.  I decide to knock on the door of this neighbor lady who lives round the bend and introduce myself.  I knock three times, wait for a while, and as I'm about to leave, the door opens.  She looks at me with this wide eyed stare, and no wonder... here I am in all my glory, sweaty and half naked on her doorstep.  With a big smile on my face I say "Hi, I'm Doctor/Captain/Accordian-man Dave.  Thought I'd drop by and say hello."  And we've been together ever since. Love and Romance at the ripe old age of 62 (who would've thunk it?). Bel Ami Voyages... Sail Into Romance!

Bel Ami proudly presents First Mate Bobbie Strahl.  Bobbie's smile lights up the sky, and she has been such a hit with our charter guests, not to mention a hit with me.  After owning and operating a horticulture/landscaping business for the past 30 years, she is altering her life course by coming aboard Bel Ami as First Mate, Hostess, Galley Wench, general boat slave, and the love of my life.  Am I a lucky guy or what? 

Love is what makes Bel Ami voyages so special for our guests.  And teamwork.  Bobbie and I work and play together as a loving team, bringing to our guests a wonderful and contagious energy.  We are a 2-pax charter yacht specializing in taking one couple on a unique, romantic sailing vacation. 

Bel Ami Voyages... Sail Into Romance


Dave Goodman
s/v Bel Ami (1998 Amel 53 Supermaramu) 

Bel Ami is a 53-foot Amels ketch with a crew of 2, owner-operated by Dr. Dave Goodman. Bel Ami is fully air conditioned and accommodates 2 guests in the aft cabin which has a king-sized bed with ensuite head/shower. Bel Ami has a 10-foot dinghy with 15HP motor, 2-person kayak, snorkel equipment, fishing gear, noodles, hammock, large screen TV/DVD home theatre in salon, TV/DVD in guest cabin, underwater camera, internet access where available. Dave is a vegan but they do non-vegan meals as well. Please note that Bel Ami is a SMOKE-FREE yacht.

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