Monday, March 11, 2013

Crewed Yacht Charters: Family / Kid Special Discounts

Yacht charters are a wonderful vacation for families.

Quite often we are asked: "Won't the kids get bored?" NO WAY! Take a look the photos at the bottom of this post and judge for yourself :)

Guest Book comments from one of our clients...
 Jack is a very smart 8-year old... "Sail boats are better than cruise ships"

Here are a selection of yachts that have special offers for family yacht charters. Click on the boat's name to view their online brochure.

Children under 10 years of age go for half the adult rate
Virgin Islands

One child 5 years of age or younger sails free on any 7-night charter.
Grenadines through May, then Virgin Islands for the summer

One child aged 10 or younger sails free with 2 paying adults.
Virgin Islands

No charge for single child under 12 years of age using navigator's berth and parents' bathroom.
Virgin Islands

One child aged younger than 12 years old sails for free. A second child also younger than 12 years old receives a $500 discount. This family special is valid for 7-night (or longer) charters booked before April 30 2013 though charters may take place anytime in 2013, excluding holidays.
Virgin Islands

Children aged between 3 & 12 years of age go for half price with 2 paying adults
Virgin Islands

Children up to 16 years old receive a $250 discount
Virgin Islands

One child age 6-years old or under may sail free with minimum 2 paying adults. Charters must be 7 night or longer, excludes holidays and cannot to be combined with any other special offer.
Virgin Islands

One child age 6 years old or under sails free. Limit one per charter.
Virgin Islands

$800 discount off standard 5-person rate with guest using forepeak cabin. Must be 10 years or older. Discounted rate for five is $12,000/week.
Virgin Islands

One child 12 years old or younger sails free during any charter taking place in July or August 2013. Cannot be combined with other offers.
Virgin Islands

Four children (16 years old and younger) are half price with 6 full-paying adults for charters taking place between April and December 2013.
Virgin Islands

Children less than 12 years old receive a $100 discount
Virgin Islands

One child less than 6 years old sails for free
Virgin Islands

Children 12 years old and younger receive a $125 discount
Virgin Islands November - April. New England June - September.

Children under 12 years old receive a $200 discount
Virgin Islands

At Paradise Connections we are frequently asked "Won't the kids get bored???" These kids certainly are NOT suffering from ennui...

 Looking forward to your inquiries!

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