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Yacht Charter Comments: DRUMBEAT sail & dive vacations

Here are some more excellent comments / testimonials from charterers that Paradise Connections had aboard the charter yacht Drumbeat... one of our favorites!

Charter Yacht Drumbeat - Crewed Caribbean Yacht Charters - Sailing & Diving Vacations in the Virgin Islands

Doubly happy campers:
This year we had the joy of taking two charters on board the Drumbeat (June 2011 & February 2012).

The first was in June (see comments here) and was a family celebration of several birthdays and anniversaries with our daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren, a girl (11) and twin boys (12).  It was a fantastic 8 day trip.  The Drumbeat is a beautiful very well kept up roomy sailboat.  We originally were looking for a catamaran but after seeing the pictures of the Drumbeat we chose it and had no regrets. There was plenty of room on board for 4 adults and 3 kids with a spacious salon for all of to enjoy dinner together although we spent most of our time on deck or in the cockpit.  Vince and Linda were fantastic hosts and along with Kirk took great care of us all.  The meals were all outstanding and how Linda can create such masterpieces from such a small galley is mind boggling.  Each meal was better than the one before.  We were especially impressed with the fresh bread every day, and Linda would set the dough out to rise each morning.  Another highlight of the day was happy hour and snacks every evening before dinner.  Very creative and tasty snacks and we kept the blender running with adult drinks and (mostly) smoothies for the kids.  But we didn't just eat all the time (although we would have been quite happy to do so).  The days were filled with fun water activities: snorkeling, paddle boarding or just swimming.  Our grandchildren had taken scuba certification training before the trip and completed their open water training and referral dives off the Drumbeat under direction of Captain (and diver instructor) Vince.  Vince was great with the kids and a patient but very thorough teacher.  The kids had fun, learned well and before you knew it they were certified and off on real dives.  Three of the four of us adults are divers also, so it was fun to be able to dive as a family.   We had wonderful dives with the highlight diving the wreck of the HMS Rhone.  As for the kids, well, how many people get to do a wreck dive for their final certification dive?  We all had a fantastic time and swore we'd return.

And two of us did in February...

This time it was a dive trip/retirement celebration for myself and a colleague who also retired from our company along with our wives, neither of whom are divers.  Another outstanding sail on the Drumbeat with Vince and Linda.  Once again the food was outstanding and the boat was pristine.  With only 4 adults and without the kids it was a much quieter and more relaxed sail this time.  Since it was February the weather was a bit cooler and drier than in June, the winds were stronger than the first trip and we spent more time under sail than we were able to previously.  Also, since there were only 4 of us we were able to pick up the Drumbeat on St.Thomas and didn't have to ferry over to Tortola to meet up with the boat.  Once again, the diving was great and Vince is a fantastic dive instructor. I've been diving for 20 years all over the world and the reefs of the BVIs are as pretty and filled with life as any I've seen anywhere else.  The corals and sea fans seem to be healthy and the fish are plentiful.  You shouldn't plan to see the big pelagics, but lots of reef fish, lobsters, turtles and even some spotted eagle rays.  For divers, just be aware, this is a sailing trip with diving, which is what we wanted, not a dive trip with sailing.  If you are interested in multiple dives per day, every day, then go on a live aboard, not the Drumbeat.  This is meant to be a relaxing vacation with the opportunity to do some very nice diving.  We spent more time snorkeling in quiet coves or relaxing on deck than under water, which was just fine with us.

Overall, whether you are looking for a multi-generational family sail or a quiet time with friends, we can highly recommend the Drumbeat 1.  Vince and Linda will adapt the trip to either experience, while maintaining and outstanding quality of food and personalized service.  If you want quiet coves at night that can be arranged and if you'd prefer to hit beach bars or Willie T's I am sure they can handle that as well.  We will definitely go back for another charter.  Just have to decide when...

-- Doug and Delores Crabb

Drumbeat is a 72-foot Irwin ketch with a crew of three, owned and operated by Vince & Linda, and assisted by Kirk, a longtime crewmember. Drumbeat is fully air conditioned and accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 double cabins, each with private ensuite head/shower. A great choice for families, group of friends, and honeymooners too!

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