Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome back, PENTESILEA... We missed you

We are very happy to welcome back Hans & Ruth to the yacht charter fleet aboard their new pride & joy, Pentesilea THREE.

We have had many successful charters aboard their previous catamaran, also named Pentesilea, and we are confident that they will give the same level of service and hospitality on their new yacht.

Catamaran Pentesilea 3 - Crewed Caribbean Yacht Charters - Virgin Islands Sailing Vacations

Pentesilea 3 is a 39-foot Privilege catamaran with an owner-operator crew of two. The yacht accommodates up to 4 guests in the 2 starboard cabins, each with their own head/shower. Amenities include: 11-foot dinghy with 25HP motor, 2 kayaks, floating mats, noodles, snorkel gear, underwater camera, laptop DVD, internet access, iPod dock, etc

RATES: All inclusive, except for 2 dinners ashore at the guests' expense
  • 2 guests: $6500/wk
  • 3 guests: $6995/wk
  • 4 guests: $7450/wk
Pentesilea will begin chartering mid-January and end sometime in May. They will spend their summer at home in Colorado and perhaps do some travelling. We are looking forward to meeting up with Hans & Ruth in the near future.

Here are some comments from previous guests aboard Pentesilea...
"This vacation was awesome. We relaxed and enjoyed the incredible places Hans and Ruth took us. Hans was always flexible on where/when we sailed, keeping our preferences top priority. You really went beyond the call of duty to cover our comfort and happiness and we really appreciated it."

"It was truly a magical week. Thanks for letting me sail and enjoy the experience as much as I wanted. Both of you are great hosts – always gracious and considerate and suggesting just the right activity at just the right moment."

"It was a perfect vacation. Hans and Ruth are both excellent sailors and were very knowledgeable of the areas where we sailed. They had all the food (including an endless supply of chocolate) and drink that we had requested. Ruth is a very talented and creative cook and it was obvious she took pride in her presentations. Both of them have a good sense of humor and they joined in on lots of our silly behavior. They took us to fabulous snorkeling spots and managed each night to find us a perfect spot to anchor."
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