Friday, May 27, 2011

Christmas is coming... Book your yacht charter now

Yes, we realize this is Memorial Day weekend which means it is still not even Summer yet, but if you are interested in a yacht charter for either Christmas or New Years, please contact us as soon as possible... Especially if you need a larger, 8-person sailboat.


Most of our 8-person sailboats are already booked for New Years (but still inquire and we'll see what we can do) although Christmas week has more availability.

This year Christmas and New Years fall on a Sunday. In general, Christmas charters must end by the December 28th at the latest, while a New Years charter cannot begin earlier than December 27th. This is to allow the yachts to charter both holidays.  If your dates don't quite coincide with this recommendation, let us know and we will make inquiries for your specific charter dates. Some boats are a bit more flexible or your dates might fit in perfectly with their other bookings.

Also, if you want to cover both holidays, you can do so with a 10-night charter.

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As this is Memorial Day weekend, it is the perfect opportunity to discuss your holiday vacation plans with your family and friends.

Looking forward to your inquiries!

Have a wonderful weekend... Sheila & Bob

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