Sunday, October 17, 2010

Verna Breeze: Back After Successful First Season of Yacht Charters

Kelly & Chris, owner-operators of Verna Breeze, have just returned to the islands after five weeks stateside. They are currently "on the hard" at the boatyard in Virgin Gorda getting Verna Breeze all prepped for the upcoming charter season. They are "looking forward to another great year of showing guests their dream vacation and getaway of a lifetime".

Verna Breeze had an impressive first charter season with couples and families aboard. We would like to remind you that their Special Introductory Rate ($5999/wk for 2 guests +500/kid) expires December 14, 2010. They are currently open beginning October 27th. What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? Are we giving you ideas???

Verna Breeze has a Christmas present for you!  Book a charter for the holidays at the regular rate with NO holiday premium.  This is a 10% savings. How nice is that?

WINTER 2010/11 RATES: Begins December 15th (3 & 4 person rates for families)
  • 2 guests: $6500/week
  • 3 guests: $7050/week
  • 4 guests: $7600/week
  • $250 discount/week for honeymoons & anniversaries
Verna Breeze is an all-inclusive yacht charter, including all meals and beverages aboard, boat's toys & amenities, light diving, BVI fees and air conditioning. They have WiFi, too. I like what Chris had to say... "Full A/C and not afraid to use it."

Verna Breeze has a huge awning to provide shade while at anchor

Verna Breeze is a 54-foot Gulfstar sloop, owned and operated by Chris & Kelly Allison. Verna Breeze has two cats but they will board them with a friend if you wish. Verna Breeze is fully air conditioned and accommodates 2 guests (up to 4 if family). Verna Breeze has a 15-foot dinghy with 70HP motor, two kayaks, wakeboard, kneeboard, tube, snorkel equipment, fishing gear, TV/DVD in salon and guest cabin. On-board WIFI, too! They have a huge awning to provide shade on the foredeck which is a very nice feature. Kelly is a dive instructor and offers "light" diving to certified divers.

Read our previous BLOG POST about Verna Breeze.

Chris & Kelly points out, "For anyone that may be looking to fish on their upcoming charter, keep us in mind as it happens to be one of our specialties. We have 5 different rods on board that include 3 for trolling while underway and 2 for casting. We are equipped with a fluorescent underwater light that keeps the fish and the guest happy in our secluded anchorages. Our 15 foot center console tender is also equipped with 2 rod holders so the guests can still fish while the mother ship is anchored in a small piece of heaven!"

Want a change?  Verna Breeze will be happy to hang a right and take you to the Spanish Virgin Islands.

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