Friday, April 10, 2009

ALOHA MALOLO - Charter Comments

Here are comments we received from recent charterers (family of 5) we had aboard ALOHA MALOLO.

Dear Sheila and Bob,
Capt. Eric and the happy fisherman
Sorry about the delay. I was waiting until everyone could get together to reply but with teenagers flying all over the place it is not going to happen. Anyway, of course you can use any pictures you would like.

We all had a great time! Eric and Evelyn were very friendly, easygoing and accommodating.
Because we had been to the BVI once before on a Catamaran with a crew, we were able to tell Eric about a few places we had remembered and go back to those places. The combination of Eric suggesting places to go and our remembering a few places that we thought were neat made it especially fun. We introduced Eric and Evelyn to 'the bubbly place' on JVD and the tarpon hole on the SW side of Guana Island. They are both neat places where they may like to take future charters.
Aloha Malolo offers divingWe were really happy that Eric accompanied us on our dives and that he was so accommodating about the number of dives that we could do. We ended up diving four times but if it had worked out Eric would have been happy to refill the tanks for a couple more dives.
By the end of the trip we considered Eric and Evelyn more as friends rather than the Captain and cook of the boat. Salty Dog made the trip even more fun! Salty was always well behaved. It was fun to swim with her and we enjoyed her personality.
Everyone loves SaltyThe yacht was comfortable, clean and well maintained. Eric and Evelyn were great about closing hatches as soon as it drizzled and we never had a problem with a wet bunk. We slept like rocks and the boat is very stable so we never had a problem with the boat rocking back and forth too much.
Nap timeThe meals were fantastic! We did not make any special requests figuring that it would be more fun to try Evelyn's favorite dishes. The meals were beautifully presented. Stuart and I enjoyed everything and I was especially impressed with how much the three teenagers enjoyed the meals. Kate has been asking me to recreate some of Evelyn's dishes but of course they fall short. I guess we'll just have to go back. We will also be dreaming about Captain Eric's smoothies as well.
We would be interested in taking another vacation in the future (now that Kate is going to start looking at schools for college it may be hard to get away) and we would use the same crew.

Feb 22 - March 1, 2009
Yacht charters are a wonderful vacation for families. Quite often we are asked... Won't the kids get bored... NO! Eric & Evelyn love having families aboard, so check them out for your next sailing vacation. Aloha Malolo offers diving and sail instruction! Lots of water toys, plus there is Salty The Dog!

ALOHA MALOLO is currently available for both Christmas & New Years weeks.